Dry Type Chokes

Dry type Chockes are manufactured in vacuum impregnation or in vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI)
technology, depending on the application. They are provided with air core or with iron core.

Product description:

1. AC – 50/ 60 HZ

2. High frequency as requested
3. Broad induction ranges, variable inductance, high current to 10 KA, high voltage to 15KV
4. Filter chokes, line chokes, swing choke, load/current limiting, air core/iron core, epoxy encapsulated, edge wound
5. Copper or aluminum windings
6. Standard core material – grain oriented electrical steels, additional higher efficiency materials available
7. Custom engineered products upon request


Product scope:

1. wide range of power ratings, from 1 kVAr to several MVAr
2. single-phase or three-phase
3. for voltages up to 36 kV
4. special designs for high frequency applications (up to 25 kHz)
5. with different types of cooling: AN (air natural), AF (air forced) or WF (water forced)
6. with any type of enclosure