Solar 3/4 Winding Transformer

In the Solar & Wind Industry in some cases Multiple Winding s are required where one winding in addition to its primary and secondary winding is used. This additional winding, apart from primary and secondary windings, is known as Tertiary winding of transformer. Because of this third or fourth or fifth winding, the transformer is called a 3, 4 or 5 winding transformer.


Tertiary winding is provided in electrical power transformer to meet one or more of the following requirements-

  • It reduces the unbalancing in the primary due to unbalancing in three phase load.
  • It redistributes the flow of fault current.
  • Sometime it is required to supply an auxiliary load in different voltage level in addition to its main secondary load. This secondary load can be taken from tertiary winding of three winding transformer.
  • As the tertiary winding is connected in delta formation in 3 winding transformer, it assists in limitation of fault current in the event of a short circuit from line to neutral.

These types of Transformers are generally used in application in Solar Parks & Wind Power Projects. Special multiple windings design of the transformer enables to connect multiple inverters to the grid with minor number of transformers in total.


STANDARD FEATURES ·   Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge (ANSI 71)

·   Oil Temperature Gauge (ANSI 26)

·   Pressure/Vacuum Gauge

·   No-Load Tap Changer (when required)

·   Pressure Test and Upper Filter Press (1″ connection)

·   Corrosion Resistant Nameplate

·   Provisions for Jacking and Lifting

·   Base Suitable for Rolling and Skidding

·   Drain and Sampler Valve

·   Pressure Relief Valve