Pad Mounted

padmount or pad-mounted transformer is a ground mounted electric power distribution transformer in a locked steel cabinet mounted on a concrete pad. Since all energized connection points are securely enclosed in a grounded metal housing, a padmount transformer can be installed in places that do not have room for a fenced enclosure.

Pad-mount transformers are available in various electrical and mechanical configurations. Pad-mount transformers operate on medium-voltage distribution systems, up to about 35 kV. The low-voltage winding matches the customer requirement and may be single-phase or three-phase.


  • 50 Hz
  • 55/65° C temperature rise
  • High fire point liquid : FR3, Silicone or Beta Fluid
  • Dial type thermometer
  • Liquid level gauge
  • Pressure vacuum gauge
  • Pressure vacuum gauge with bleeder
  • Pressure relief device
  • Gauges furnished with alarm contacts
  • Bay-O-Net fuses
  • Weak link cartridge fuses
  • Current limiting fuses
  • Loadbreak switch(es)
  • MOV surge arresters, including under-oil or elbow
  • Secondary current transformers
  • Secondary molded case breakers
  • Secondary metering compartment
  • Total stainless steel or hybrid (mild steel/ stainless steel) construction