A Package Substations is completely self-contained Solution for power distribution that includes outdoor duty enclosure, medium voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low voltage panel, and accessories such as power factor improvement equipment, control and protection equipments, all providing a cost effective and efficient total installation.


It finds extensive application in small industry, building and power distribution units.

Factory assembled weatherproof solution ready for placing into position and only incoming and outgoing cables need to be connected.


250KVA to 1600KVA Up to 11-36KV OFTC/OLTC

Rated voltage

3.3/6.6/11/20 KV

Optional degree of protection

IP23 for transformer compartment
IP 54 for LV/MV compartment

Transformer Type

Harmetically sealed oil cooled/
Cartesin dry type

Application Standard

IEC 62271-202


Galvanized steel sheet housing duly PP based powder coated
All external hardware of stainless and with EPDM steel reinforced Gasket