Utilized Substations are designed for both sending and receiving electricity. So,transformers are used for both stepping up and down the electricity that can further be used for supply purpose as per requirement, in substations. The transformer is mainly used to step up or step down the voltage.For all the power system operations, substations are required for their course of action. Substations are congregation of electrical equipment through which consumers get supply of electrical power from generating stations. By varying the voltage levels or frequency or any other aspects, the required electrical quantity can be altered in substations to provide quality power to consumer.



The substation is an assembly of the following major electrical equipments:

  1. Electrical Power transformers.
  2. Instrument transformers
  3. Conductors& Insulators
  4. Isolators
  5. Bus bars
  6. Lightning arresters
  7. Circuit breakers
  8. Relays
  9. Capacitor banks and miscellaneous equipment